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Screenshot_2016-05-10-14-44-43[1]Happy Memorial Day Everyone! Oh I know that it's a little ways off, but I get excited when the chance comes to celebrate with my family.


They're crazy ya'll, but in the funny way, especially my Daddy! :) This is the day to remember our loved ones who have joined, fought, served, and died in the military. But not all of us have loved ones who have died in the military, so in this post, I will share with you how I celebrate this holiday, and explain how it has evolved into the different ways that people celebrate it.


My New Style Maker


5 Skin Types, What’s Yours?

I use to think that it was okay to use whatever I wanted to on my face and body, as long as it smelled great. But through research, I found out that just as everyone has a body type, everyone has a skin type and should use products accordingly. So what's yourScreenshot_2016-04-11-14-01-21[1] skin type? Do you know? My skin type is OILY. I have oily skin and really need to wash my face 2 times a day.

I admit that sometimes I just wash it once a day, but there are consequences. So it is very important to know what your skin type is, and in this post, I will go over the five skin types, then you will be able to choose which one yours is, and also I will discuss the best products to use for your particular skin type.


Age less, Get Beauty Rest

Ever sleep for only a few hours at night, and when you wake up, your eyes has bags under them?  You notice that your eyes areScreenshot_2016-04-08-09-10-54[1] tired-looking and red and if that wasn't enough, you just look  totally awful in the morning. Not only do you feel tired, you look tired also, but in the worst way.

Did you know that beauty rest is very important in helping you look your absolute best for the day that you have ahead of you? Yep, I didn't think so either but as I researched this topic, I found that there is plenty of information that supports this subject as you will see as you read on.


Jump Into Shape

Hey there calorie-burners! There is a way to lose weight that's easy, simple, and familiar,  there is a calorie torch exercise that's been around for years, an insanely inexpensive exercise and can be a lot fun for everybody to do, a way that you can lose pound after pound with very little effort or will power? Know what it is?Screenshot_2016-03-28-17-42-32[1]

YEP, you've guessed it, JUMP ROPE! Yes the oh so loved, old school exercise that many of us has loved for years as children on the playground, outside in our driveways with many friends playing, or just solo, jumping like it's nobody's business.

Let's include this fun fat buster as a (for sure) way to lose the pounds that we need to lose and add it to our daily exercise routine. We remembered it to be something fun to do whenever we got bored, now let's bring it back as part of our fun weight loss plan. (more…)

Age Is Beauty

What do you think about when you see the words, "Age Is Beauty, a beautiful old person, an old person who thinks they're beautiful, or the beautiful age of Screenshot_2016-02-23-22-02-27[1] the 20's 30's and 40's? Let me tell you what I think about. I think about a person (no matter what their age), who is still confident, happy, energetic, and has no regrets about their age, someone who hasn't given up on living. In the next paragraphs, I will share with you why it is a fact that age is indeed beauty.


Pregnancy Help

 Congratulations on your new addition to the family! While preparing for the changes that are about to take place, you must also prepare for theScreenshot_2016-02-05-20-41-27 changes your body will have as well. The hard part is stepping out of your sexy form-fitting tops, jeans, and dresses and trade them for bigger, looser clothing.

I remember when I was pregnant and the thing I hated most was buying bigger clothes that I was only gonna wear for a few months. It just seemed like I was wasting money, and I was broke enough as it was. But fortunately, I found out that there is a way to stay in your regular clothes if you desire to. I've done some research on the subject and will share with you just what I've found.


How to Easily Find Lingerie for Your Body Shape

Happy Valentine's Day! I am writing this post to ensure that you know exactly what to look for when shopping for your special valentine. There are manyScreenshot_2016-01-19-08-26-34 beautiful lingerie items in the department stores that are of many different patterns and colors, but what good would it do you if they don't fit your sweet heart like it should. I've researched this and will share with you exactly what I've found.


What Do You Love About YOU

Hello! I am writing this post not to find out what about your BODY that you love, but what you love about YOU. What type of person are YOU? I Screenshot_2015-12-11-11-26-09mentioned in another post that you should really love yourself no matter what you look like, or your body size or type because you are younique in your very own way. But there are also many other things that you may love about yourself that has nothing to do with your outward features, and in this post I would love for you to share with me what do you love about YOU!


How To Gain Healthy Weight

Many websites are about the many ways that you can lose weight, along with the exercising and healthy eating that goes with it, probably because there are more people who are over weight than under weight. There are hundreds of weight loss plans, get slim quick tricks, juicing diets, weight loss pills to last a lifetime, but I really haven't heard of hardly any weight GAIN programs.

I guess to me it seemed kind of weird that people might want to actually GAIN weight. I don't know why because my baby sister is very small and will not gain an ounce upon eating fried foods, take out, all kinds of junk food, and just whatever she wants. But the rest of us, well we can look at food and blow up! :) So I was happy to research this topic and here's what it is: (more…)